Fresh Veggies :)
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Kurt the Chef

Good Mood Food provides healthy sandwiches and creations to eat in or to go, daily juices made with various fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass, and fresh assorted breakfast items.
At Good Mood Food we try to purchase local and natural foods and organic whenever possible. Kurt enjoys going to the farmers market and get his fresh fruits and vegetables.
At the end of 2009, Good Mood Food took over the helm of the Charley and Kate's Red Bird Kaffi House, which was located in the same building.

Kurt and Nadine are both culinarians trained in Europe and have been working with food as their career. We both feel that it is important to try to maintain a healthy diet to keep our bodies vital and in a good mood.
Both of us have worked in food establishments in the Leavenworth area. In 2003 we decided to take our two daughters on a four year sailing trip in Caribbean. It was during this trip that we decided to open up a natural kitchen in Leavenworth upon our return. We are very excited and happy to be able to offer a healthy choice in Leavenworth.

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