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Pea plants link

On this page we have provided some links to websites that are connected to us in one way or another, whether it's an organization that shares our philosofy or the local farms where we get our ingredients.

  • Sailblogs: Here sailers can keep a blog so friends and family can keep track of their travels. If you follow the link you can read about our travels in the caribbean.
  • Dynamic Greens: This is where we get the wheatgrass that we juice at Good Mood Food. An informative website for those who want to know more about the benefits of wheatgrass juice.
  • Tiarra Learning Center: One of the local farms that supplies Good Mood Food with fresh and natural ingredients.
  • The Wenatchee Farmers Market: The website of the Farmer's Market, where we go out and buy fresh and local ingredients.
  • Plain Hardware Store: Homepage of the Hardware Store in Plain.
  • Green Peace: The homepage of Greenpeace USA, the environmental activist organisation.
  • Ted Green's website: An old friend of the chef, Kurt, is an artist in Duesseldorf, Germany. Here you can view some of his artworks.
  • Sensunik: The restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium, where Kurt worked when he lived in Europe.
  • Greens Restaurant: Another restaurant in Antwerp where Kurt worked.

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