Fresh Veggies :)
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Kurt the Chef

As we want to offer our customers the freshest ingredients available, the menu might vary on a day to day basis, and can be found on the blackboard in our restaurant. Some things you can expect regularly though are:

Pita or wrap filled with:
(also available gluten free)
- Falafel
- Lamb gyros
- Turkey
- Chicken
- Wild salmon
- Black forest ham

Breakfast special:
(7-11 am)

- Breakfast croissants with ham, cheese and eggs
- Belgian waffle with fresh fruit
- South of the border burrito

- Soup
- Salad combo
- Homemade quiche
- Lunch Special: check the blackboard for the daily special!

- Scones
- Cookies

Coffee and hot beverages:
- Espresso
- Americano
- Macchiato
- Latte
- Mokka
- Breve
- Hot Chocolate
- Kurt's Chai
- Tea
Also with soy/rice milk

- Juices made from fresh fruits and veggies like:
Apple, carrot, red beet, celery, cucumber and kale.
- Wheat grass juice (when available)

All meals are offered with a side salad

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